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Mike Kurtzon Authors Article for Real Estate Law360

Discusses Types of Nonrecourse Carveouts Included in Recourse Guarantees and How Lenders and Guarantors Deal with Issues They Present

December 23, 2013

Michael S. Kurtzon, Chicago-based member of Dykema’s Real Estate Practice Group who counsels institutional real estate lenders on a national basis in a variety of complex lending matters, authored an article—“How to Negotiate Nonrecourse Carveout Guarantees”—that appeared in the December 17, 2013 issue of Real Estate Law360. This online publication is one of the nation’s leading resources for news and analysis about legal issues that impact the real estate industry.

In the article, Kurtzon defines what a nonrecourse carveout guarantee is, provides examples of the various types of nonrecourse carveouts found in recourse guarantees and how lenders and guarantors deal with the legal issues they present. As these contractual provisions often lead to “intense negotiations” between guarantors and lenders, Kurtzon’s exploration of the subject serves as a helpful ‘step-by-step’ guide for all those involved in commercial real estate transactions.

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