2022 Congressional Outlook



Dykema's Federal Government Policy Team shares an overview of the political and policy landscape on Capitol Hill for 2022. The group summarizes some of the areas that Congress will focus on in the coming month, as well as a special session of the U.S. Supreme Court to determine the fate of the Biden Administration's vaccine mandates.

The 2022 Congressional Outlook will cover

  1. The 2022 Legislative Schedule
  2. Midterm Elections
  3. Build Back Better Legislation
  4. Tax Issues
  5. Retirement Savings
  6. Trade/China Legislation
  7. Energy
  8. Election Reform/Voting Rights
  9. Continuing Resolution/Appropriations
  10. Expiring Programs
  11. The Debt Ceiling
  12. COVID-19
  13. The Supreme Court's Special Session