Pharmaceutical National/Regional Litigation Counsel Services

Dykema has a leading practice as national and regional coordinating, trial and discovery counsel. With 14 offices in California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and Washington, D.C., a fully mobile workforce and lawyers licensed to practice in multiple jurisdictions, Dykema is well positioned to handle legal work throughout the United States. Dykema trial lawyers have tried cases and arbitrated disputes in more than 35 states and the District of Columbia—from coast to coast—and beyond, to Hawaii and Alaska. 

We know that our clients’ business objectives must drive strategy decisions and that even the best strategy, if inconsistently adhered to or not understood and embraced by company personnel, is a poor one. For these reasons, we work closely with our clients to understand fully their businesses, goals, litigation history and risk profile to develop a strategy to further their specific short and long-term objectives. In the role of national or regional counsel, we standardize work product and systematize work streams to the furthest extent feasible, learning how and where our clients maintain discoverable documents, and ultimately culling out, organizing and storing electronically a master document repository for all related lawsuits. This approach eliminates redundant activities that can disrupt business and drive up legal costs. 

Experience Matters

  • Frequently serve as national science and expert counsel in multi-district pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. 
  • Served as national counsel for a major pharmaceutical company in litigation alleging birth defects resulting from anticonvulsants. 
  • Served as regional counsel for the manufacturer of silicone breast implants in product liability litigation, winning 30 of 33 cases.
  • Serve as regional counsel for a large retailer and pharmacy for employment related litigation matters.