Today's owners of original creative works face the formidable challenges of copyright in a digital age. Protecting copyrights in a rapidly evolving legal environment can be difficult when original content is so readily copied and disseminated across borders.

Dykema has in-depth knowledge and experience helping owners of books and other literary works; music; motion pictures; paintings and sculpture; computer programs; web content; and architectural blueprints identify, protect and defend their copyrightable assets across the United States and throughout the world. Our scope of services is comprehensive and includes:

  • Counseling on copyright issues and registration
  • Enforcing copyrights and copyright licenses 
  • Obtaining copyright registrations
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Pursuing and defending copyright infringement claims and disputes by litigation in U.S. courts and conducting alternative forms of copyright dispute resolution such as arbitration

Experience Matters

  • Represented an affiliate of Citicorp in defense of a software copyright matter in which the claimant sought over $15 billion in damages. Prevailed on summary judgment finding no liability and won award of attorneys' fees, upheld on appeal. 
  • Defended a television station in a copyright infringement claim arising from the use of a deceased police officer's photograph on a news program. The copyright owner's claim, which was based upon a contract to photograph all police officers and ownership of resulting photographs, was rebuffed on grounds of fair use.
  • Defeated asserted apparel design copyright infringement claims for lack of originality.
  • Obtained summary dismissal on behalf of a major television network in a copyright infringement case.

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