Dykema Delivers HR Innovation

Dykema’s labor and employment attorneys understand that the building of an efficient and effective business requires the development of your workforce through such tools as employment policies, job descriptions, employee training, employee evaluation systems, disciplinary and termination procedures and compensation systems, among others. A workforce’s blueprint and foundation requires constant monitoring and revisions as legal requirements, the business environment, and workforce abilities and expectations change over time.

The pace of change has never been greater, and to help companies better manage these changes, Dykema provides innovative tools such as diversity and inclusion training, workforce restructuring advisement, and compliance counseling, designed to guide organizations through complex day to day issues. Click here to learn more about how Dykema Delivers HR Innovation. Please email DykemaHRInnovation@dykema.com or contact any of Dykema’s labor and employment attorneys.

Diversity and Inclusion Advisors

Driven both by a changing legal environment and a desire to attract and retain the best employees, companies are expanding efforts related to identifying, hiring, training, mentoring, compensating, promoting and retaining talented individuals who represent the diversity of the communities in which we operate. To that end, Dykema attorneys work with our clients in devising and implementing strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion and measuring performance in achieving those goals in a way that minimizes risks and builds understanding of and support for such efforts among the current and changing workforce. Our dedicated team of Diversity and Inclusion Advisors provides workshops and training, tailoring programs to meet the specific needs of your environment. The team proactively monitors trends and distills this information to keep your workplace policies current. Partnering with Dykema’s team of Diversity and Inclusion Advisors, your company can build and retain a culture of inclusion.

Workforce Restructuring Coaching

Today’s environment requires many businesses to implement changes in the way they operate and the manner in which their employees work, ranging from decisions to right-size the workforce through layoffs, furloughs and modified work schedules and on-call assignments, decisions to modify compensation and/or job responsibilities to better align with current circumstances and/or decisions to transition from a worksite-based workforce to a remote work environment. Representing nearly 500 years of collective experience in advising employers in varying industries and multiple geographic locations, Dykema attorneys coach companies across a wide array of industries to minimize risk, identify practical options and implement change in a cost-effective manner. With Dykema’s Workforce Restructuring Coaching resources, companies see less day to day business interruption and more cost-savings as they adapt and build dynamic and productive employee teams.

Compliance Consulting

Identifying applicable employment standards, responding to investigations and defending against claims may be among the least enjoyed responsibilities of any company’s management and HR staff. Simply identifying federal, state and/or local laws regulating the employer-employee relationship is insufficient, as the keys to understanding and applying those requirements often lie in the related regulations and other published guidance, practices of the enforcement authorities (such as the Department of Labor, EEOC, OFCCP, OSHA and NLRB) and, where necessary, the rules applicable to the defense of claims before federal and state courts, administrative law judges and arbitrators. Dykema attorneys work with employers to assess and mitigate, within the context of the attorney-client privilege, potential risks associated with employment-related decisions. We help in framing appropriate responses to enforcement agencies and evaluating potential resolution and implementing mitigating measures, as well as representing clients in defending claims in litigation or arbitration. Through Dykema’s Compliance Consulting program, we provide a variety of services designed to give employers cost efficiency and budgetary certainty to manage ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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